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Fantasy Football 2007/2008 | Hardy Athletic

Fantasy Football - 2007/2008

Just for a bit of fun, Fantasy Football involves players receiving points for making different contributions in every competitive match, whether it be an appearance, a goal, a clean sheet on an assist. Players can also lose points for things such as being issued red or yellow cards.



View the current Fantasy Football leaderboard, ordered by the total number of points each player has accumulated, or the average number of points they earn per game. You can also use the position dropdown to see exactly how players peform in a particular position.



Player Appearances Average Points
Steadman, David 24 13.833 332
Brewington, David 25 12.840 321
Willett, Andrew 25 11.520 288
Whitbread, Nick 24 11.958 287
McGregor, Thomas 25 10.800 270
Kempster, Dan 24 10.625 255
Tucker, Gary 27 9.333 252
Watson, Ben 25 9.840 246
Kaylor, Michael 27 9.074 245
Stewart, Aaron 27 8.852 239
Briscoe, Graham 25 8.400 210
Bridger, Billy 19 11.000 209
Lee, Jamie 26 8.000 208
Barrett, Trevor 23 8.609 198
Doherty, Paul 23 6.391 147
Cunningham, Tony 5 11.000 55
Watson, Chris 4 4.250 17
Stewart, Elliott 1 2.000 2
Chatfield, Danny 1 2.000 2
Rhodes, Lee 1 2.000 2

Best Lineup

An algorithm is used to determine the best lineup for the specified formation, based on a number of factors including the position(s) a player would prefer to appear in, which players would be preferred in a specific position, and a third measurement to be determined by you, selectable from the dropdown below. This can vary from the total or average number of points a player has earned in a specific (or similar) position or the number of appearances in a specific (or similar) position.


Formation (4-4-2)

GK C. Watson 17 pts
RB E. Stewart 2 pts
LB G. Briscoe 210 pts
CB A. Willett 288 pts
CB M. Kaylor 245 pts
RM T. McGregor 270 pts
LM B. Bridger 209 pts
CM D. Kempster 255 pts
CM A. Stewart 239 pts
ST T. Barrett 198 pts
ST D. Steadman 332 pts
SUB L. Rhodes 2 pts
SUB J. Lee 208 pts
SUB T. Cunningham 55 pts
SUB D. Brewington 321 pts
SUB D. Chatfield 2 pts

Scoring System

The table below describes how Fantasy Football points are earned by each player.

Criteria Points
Starting Appearance in a Match 5
Substitute Appearance in a Match 2
Clean Sheet By Goalkeeper 15
Clean Sheet By Defender 10
Clean Sheet By Midfielder 5
Assist By Goalkeeper 10
Assist By Defender 7
Assist By Midfielder 3
Assist By Striker 5
Goal By Goalkeeper 15
Goal By Defender 10
Goal By Midfielder 7
Goal By Striker 5
Man of the Match 10
Yellow Card -5
Red Card -15