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Welcome to the new Hardy Athletic website! | Hardy Athletic


Welcome to the new Hardy Athletic website!

Published on:

Welcome to the all-new Hardy Athletic website. This has been in the pipeline for over a year, and although not fully complete, I felt like it should be out there before the new season starts. The style of the website is very basic, some would even say ugly. This should hopefully change over the coming months but what I've really be concentrating on getting right is the features, both old and new, mostly linked to lots of different statistics that have not been available before. A quick summary of all of the features available are detailed below:

You can now subscribe to several different calendars (or one combining all of them) on your computer, smartphone or tablet to keep up with matches, player's birthday or other Hardy-related events such as preseason training. Unfortunately we can't give instructions on how to set it up on all devices but its something easy to google (search for "subscribing to ical calendars" + the device you're using). The Calendars can be found in the menu at the top of the page under "Misc" > "Calendar Subscription"

Fantasy Football
Although it existed on the previous version of the website, a couple of improvements and new features have been added; the points system was unfairly weighted towards strikers and to a certain extent midfielders. This is partly due to the statistics that are available to me (it is easier to track goals/assists than it is tackles etc) but I have tried to change it so that defenders and goalkeepers have a better chance of earning a healthy amount of points. One of the biggest new features on the site is the ability to select the best line up for a particular formation. It uses a variation of the Gale-Shapeley algorithm to solve what is essentially a Stable Marriage Problem. In Layman's terms we have to match up two sets of data, depending upon the option selected from the "measurement" dropdown ("Total Points earned in each position", "Average Points earned in each position" or "Number of Appearances in each position"). One set of data is made up of players with the selected formation's positions ordered by the specified measurement, the other set of data is the formation's positions with a list of players for each ordered by specified measurement in that position. There a large number of formations to choose from, including 5 and 7-a-side. If you can think of other formations then let me know.

On each individual Player's Profile page it will now list all of the Awards they have won, finished runner up or finished third in (where I have the data to tell). I am missing the award winners for 2008/09, 2009/10 & 2010/11 so if anyone can fill in the blanks then I'd really appreciate it. An actual Awards page listing the awards for a particular season will follow.

Player Statistics
In this new website we are publishing a brand new Player Statistics section, which contains a number of obscure statistics such as "Most Consecutive Games Scored", "Longest duration (in both games and time) between a player's debut and their first goal" and "Most Common Two Player Combination". Obviously there are going to be players that only appeared in a handful of games that will skew the stat, to solve this you can select a threshold of matches they must have appeared in before being included in the statistics. By default this is set to 60% of matches (whether that be over a season or for all time) but you can change it to whatever you like using the form at the top of the page. This can be broken down further into Competition Type.

Player Statistics
We are also publishing a Player Goal Statistics. This section includes statistics such as "Best Scoring Partnership", "Most Headed Goals" and "Most Goals from Direct Free Kicks". This can also be broken down further into Competition Type.

Player Milestones
We are now keeping track of all players milestones on a per match basis. This means that when you view any match that has been played you can see a list of what important milestones players achieved during those matches. This can be from something simple such as a debuts, their 10th/25th/100th goals/appearances of the season or career, further broken down into competition type (cup, league, friendly, etc), if applicable.

If you visit the preview page of the next match you will also see a list of possible milestones that could be achieved by players if they play, score, assist, etc.

Match Preview Factfile
If you view the next match's preview page you will notice a section labelled "Factfile". This section details how we have faired in the past against the Opposing team, in the same competition and at the same venue (if applicable). It will also include a few words about how we have faired in the competiton historically.

Head to Head
This section has been extended to not only list our record againt a specific team in the past but also to show how players have performed against them. There are lists of Top Scorers/Assister against the specified team, along with which players have the worst discipline record. There is also a table to show which players have earned the most points against a team by scoring or assisting goals, without which woud've affected the result of the game.

Red and Yellow cards
We are now tracking the offence a yellow or red card was issued for. Over time this will allow us to generate who's the worst for dissent (I think we can guess), unsportsmanlike conduct, etc.

League Tables & Statistics
From this season we will be storing and tracking all Division 1's results in the website, allowing us to generate similar statistics to our own Club Statistics section. At a glance you will be able to see which team has the longest sequence of matches without scoring, the team with the most clean sheets as well as who has recorded the biggest win. You will also be able to view the League data itself, including the league table, current form over x number of matches and a specific week's fixtures. Additionally there will also be an alternative league table (demonstrating the spread of points between each team) as well as a line graph to show just how a team's position has changed over the course of the season. You may only want to view certain teams' progress on the chart, which is also possible by clicking their name in the legend to toggle the line on and off. You will be able to roll back and see how the league table (and all of the other data) looked on a particular match day, after a day's round of results.

Club Statistics
This existed before but has been extended to include a few new statistics including attendances.

That's it I think. There are still a number of other features I want to include (direct player comaprison being one of them), and there's a good chance there's a few bugs still in the site so if you do find any please do let me know. Any feedback (whether it be what you like/dislike about the new site, as well as suggestion for new sections) is very much appreciated.